Blog Links

I’ve been a blogger since 2008 but most of my work is related to my prime subjects of projects and passions. So, on this page you will find my other blogs listed under their names with a little explanation of what you’ll find:

A Flair For Words   My main business page where prospects and clients can learn about my  available services

A Flair For Books  On this site you’ll gain access to some of the best indie authors in the High Desert of So. California. I can say that because I know them and promote them through our affiliation with High Desert Branch of California Writers Club

A Flair For Blogging  This site blossomed out of the need for new bloggers to gain some insight and connections about blogging, blog etiquette, and workshops designed specially for new bloggers. You’ll find direct links to High Desert Blogging —  a network of like-minded writers — who enjoy blogging about their communities.

Biz Blogger Nation    This blog is a centered on businesses wishing to advance their customer connections through a privately sponsored blogger who will speak on their business’ behalf. Don’t have time to blog about your “brick -and-mortar” store or Internet shop or services? Hire a blogger!!

My Rusty Bucket Ranch   Some of my highest readership comes through viewers of my personal ranch blog. Readers as far flung as Japan and Germany want  to know how we live in the West. I’ve shared stories  — true stories —  about bats, rattlers, wild steer, a lost lamb, bugs, an escapee hog, and generally all the strange things that can happen on a ranch “out-in-the-middle-of-the-Mojave-Desert.” 

A Flair For the Old West    Since my true and everlasting passion is the Old West — specifically in southwestern states — I began a blog to share the older concepts of what the Old West was like through a collection of word definitions and phrases used back then. It’s always tickled me to find out what words — now over 150 years old — meant then, and how they are not understood or correctly used today. Some word definitions are used without us knowing where they cam from. Since I work from prime source references, it’s a learning adventure for me. too.     

Old West Stagecoach (and Trading Post)    My own extensive collection of Old West rusty stuff and relics began when I was 14 and living in San Jose, CA. I talked my Dad into driving me out on a salvage hunt for an old cast iron bed for my bedroom. After a day of hunting in Santa Cruz, this was back in the late 60s, we returned home with a bed encrusted in eight coats of enamel paint from all of its previous owners. It was orange and black when I found it. That’s another blog story … This site is the Trading Post or online store where I will eventually have a selection of vintage and collectible items for sale coming in by stage, of course.    

VintageWest Magazine    If everything in my brain had a home, it would appear on the digital pages of VintageWest Magazine —  a regional magazine full of the things that make the Old West and the New Southwest come alive. It should be the source of stories, photos, and poetry, all cool collectibles, up-cycling of found stuff with a new life, and the topics that drive our passions. It’s been a year in coming, and the first pages are still on hold, but it will soon be available online. We’re gonna have a “cyber-hoedown” when that day arrives. You read it here first!

If you like what you see here, and maybe you want to guest blog on any of these listed, just email a quick inquiry and I’ll let you know.