My online history began in 2006 when blogging became the trend.

The intimacy of a journal with the expanse of the internet was enticing and enriching.

A shift in the economy offered new work in humanitarian projects:

I researched and crafted marketing materials for a nonprofit organization that relied on donations through an online gift catalogue. I developed a user-friendly donor system and worked as a Development Associate to enhance their marketing, advertising, and collateral materials  nationally.

Another shift lead me to the world of radio communications and writing radio ads. I enjoyed the quick pace of 30-second bites. I worked with some terrific people in advertising and took the opportunity to manage a remote studio while continuing my creative expression on the air.

As a freelance writer, I pursued other options and wrote technical materials for  7-Eleven Stores newest warehouse. The cutting-edge technology of distribution, materials inventory, safety, and production management was documented by a team of writers. We defined over 60 procedures that defined a cutting-edge industry.

Now I’m running on an invisible tether, allowing myself the freedom to run with a new project then reel myself in when I’ve gone too far astray. I must set some limits or my lack of guidance will take me into numerous directions. But isn’t it exhilarating.

The new age of digital publishing is tempting me toward the goal I wanted years ago. My newest creation is VintageWest magazine. While its still in the creative cycle, I hope to fulfill my longtime goal to produce and edit a regional magazine filled with the Spirit of the West.

How can you grasp the end of a double rainbow after a morning of indulgent light rain? How does the edge of the universe feel when you gaze into the night skies so clear you can see farther than any telescope? What is the smell of the same creosote-infused dust that settled on your shoulders just like it had done nearly 150 years earlier on the infamous outlaw trail? Can you hold a piece of history in your hand and turn it into the most creative collectible that others crave more than you? That’s what VintageWest magazine will harness — the Spirit of the West.

Join me in my quest of the West.

Rusty LaGrange

Rusty wears a hat
Rusty LaGrange in her familiar Western hat