High Desert’s Artists and Authors Share AV Inn Festival

One-Day Event Draws Variety of Patrons and

Book Lovers to the Historic Apple Valley Inn

I spent the day working in and out of the tastefully designed booths inside the Inn. This venue was better suited to fine arts and crafts that don’t do well in wind and sand like other fairs.

The lobby held a combination of pottery, gems and jewelry, statues and paintings. The midway hall led to a side room for 20 authors’ booths. And the large dining room was filled with more fine arts galleries,  fused glass, painted and beaded gourds, handmade metal works and more.

AAUW (American Association of University Women organization) partnered with sponsorship from High Desert California Writers Club to help make this festival enjoyable for all.

One side room was dedicated to Children’s Creative Play so our younger patrons could funnel their energy into, painting, or receiving face paintings … although a few adults sat in for personalized paint treatments.

The bottom line is

High Desert Arts and Literary Festival Fundraiser will provide scholarships for women at Victor Valley College; Support the “Celebrating Women in Math & Science STEM Conference” for three hundred local 8th–grade girl students; and, send local 7th-grade girls to Tech Trek, a science and math camp at University of California, Irvine for one week.

For more details on this day, please go to HighDesertBlogging.com where you’ll find photos and more info.